Canned Organic Garden Seeds 16 Non Hybrid Hermetically Sealed Ziplocked Packets


*Special Non-Hybrid Seed Selection*

Jumbo size seed packets canned for long-term storage, may even germinate after 20 years! Ideal for emergency & survival preparedness storage. Recommended for short season climates. Excellent adaptability for most regions

Harvest your own seeds for future plantings. Non-Hybrid seeds produce true to variety seeds to replant for future harvests.

Preparedness storage seeds contains:

  • 7 page instructions
  • 16 Easy to Grow Vegetable Varieties
  • E-Z Lock Reusable Triple-layered foil bags.

16 Jumbo Sized Packets. Over 1.4 lbs of Premium Quality Seeds

  • Pea, 5 ounces
  • Radish, 10 grams
  • Onion, 10 grams
  • Spinach, 10 grams
  • Cabbage, 10 grams
  • Swiss Chard, 10 grams
  • Beet, 10 grams
  • Carrot, 10 grams
  • Lettuce, 5 grams
  • Beans, 5 ounces
  • Corn, 5 ounces
  • Cucumber, 10 grams
  • Squash Zucchini, 10 grams
  • Pepper, 5 grams
  • Winter Squash, 10 grams
  • Tomato, 5 grams

Minor substitutions may occur dependent upon crop availability

Adequately dried seeds sealed in moisture barrier containers can be stored safely for 4 years at 65-70 degrees temp and much longer at lower temperatures. Each 6 degree drop in storage temperature may double the storage life of most seeds. Critical factors are temperature and moisture content. Store as cool as possible. Can should remain sealed until ready for use. For best results store unopened can in a refrigerator or freezer. Keep out of sunlight. Packaged in accordance with the Federal Seed Act rules and regulations for hermetically sealed seeds.

Distributed by our partner, Mountain Valley Seeds.


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