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These Frequently Asked Questions are the ones we get the most. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us.

General Product Questions

The Solar Cap is the most effective product for plant protection and increased seed germination. It is also the most cost-effective since it lasts the longest. Yet, the solar cone and solar fortress are also effective.

The needed light transparency for proper chlorophyll formation is between 400-700 nanometers. Both Solar Cap and Solar Cone meet this requirement.

See product page for dimensions on each product.

This partially depends on proper care. If they are not abused and not stored in the sunlight they will last longer.

The Solar Cap will last an estimated 20 years or more if stored clean and out of the sun.

The solar cone and solar fortress could need replacing after 2 years but with care could last 5-9 years or more.

For those of you who cover plants with sheets, towels, etc., it is important to water the plants or seedlings before covering them and it is important to pin the fabric to the ground to trap in the heat from the irrigated soil.

While a sheet or soda bottle could help they are often ineffective or not effective enough. Safegrow products are specifically designed and tested by a gardening expert and plant scientist to increase seed germination and protect plants. Read more about Demetrios’ background.

These products will withstand the weather multiple years in a row, allow the proper penetration of UV light to promote chloroform formation while keeping internal temperatures optimal for the plant.

The Solar Cap is the only mini greenhouse on the market that uses Solar Energy during the day and releases heat at night automatically. This is accomplished with a solar coil (thermostat) to open and close the lid of the Solar Cap.

The needed light transparency for proper chlorophyll formation is between 400-700 nanometers. Both Solar Cap and Solar Cone meet this requirement.

Shipping and Refund Questions

All shipping is free in the US.

The items are shipped from Salt Lake City, UT. The estimated time of arrival depends on where the items are shipped to. The maximum time should be about 5 days for US shipments.

Yes, please call us for a custom order. English speaking only.

Satisfaction is guaranteed the first 90 days or your money back. If you are unhappy with the product, please call us to arrange the return of the product to get a refund.

Additional Questions

Please direct product questions and gardening science questions to admin@safegrow.com

Please direct shipping and returns questions to lance@safegrow.com

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How much does it cost and how long does it take?
  • Standard Shipping: Free in USA
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We can deliver to virtually any country on a case by case basis. Potential customers in other countries besides the USA should contact us directly to receive a custom invoice and shipping option.

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You’re welcome to pick up your order from our partner at Mountain Valley Seed, in Salt Lake City, UT. Select the pickup option at checkout. Many of our products are also available at retailers nationwide.

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