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“Hi, I’m Demetrios Agathangelides. I’m the inventor of the Solar Cap™ and Foam Cap™. I moved here from Greece many years ago and I’ve owned and operated a nursery and seed business for many years. Since that time I’ve seen the devastating effects of frost. Year after year, millions of plants die because of frost. Until now, there has been nothing as easy and reliable as my products to protect them.”

Demetrios “Demo” Agathangelides, the inventor of the Solar Cap™ and Foam Cap™, was practically born in the garden. He has sweet memories of going out to the garden with his mother as a child. He was raised in Greece in a village where people grew their own food and cared for livestock. His family had commercial fields of 7 acres in 3 different locations growing cotton, grain and grapes. At about age 13 he attended The American Farm School in Greece to learn agriculture. He was about to quit going due to his family’s financial difficulties at the time. When the dean of the school heard about it he visited the family and offered Demetrios a full scholarship. Demetrios completed a 4-year program, learned English and began teaching. He accepted a job teaching agriculture for the Queen of Greece and saved his money so that he could fulfill his dream and attend a university in the USA.

He applied and was accepted to many schools. Initially he had to attend a junior college to complete prerequisites. After continuing to save and work he eventually attended Southern Utah University and graduated with a degree in plant science. He was hired on staff at the university as a plant scientist. He held many memberships and leadership positions in the university and in associations related to gardening and agriculture. He owned and operated Mountain Valley Seed in Utah for over 40 years before he sold the company to the current owners. Utah has cold, snowy winters and a culture of self-sufficiency which encourages gardening. Since it’s still cold in the early Spring in Utah, as it is in many other parts of the world, gardeners are faced with the dilemma of keeping their plants alive even though they want to plant early and so that their plants have more time to grow. During his time as a nurseryman and business owner, there were many customers who asked Demetrios for ways to protect their plants, especially from frost. That is why he has created the devices found on this site. Among these are the Solar Cap™, the only mini greenhouse on the market with an automated solar-powered heat valve, the Solar Cone™ and other devices that improve seed germination, maintain optimal plant and soil temperatures, allow proper UV light penetration for chloroform formation, and protect plants as they grow. Demetrios is now the owner of Safegrow LLC and Safegrow.com which were created to distribute his plant protection inventions to the national and global marketplace. The products are available on this website as well as in retailers nationwide.

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